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Does this apply to you?


  • You are unhappy with your current coverage or want to compare costs and benefits
  • You need dental and vision coverage
  • You need a senior health plan or supplement
  • You missed the last ACA enrollment period
  • Your COBRA is expiring
  • You are self-employed and need affordable coverage
  • You are retiring early

Individuals and Families


  •  Private Health Insurance Plans (not offered on the exchange)
  • Health Sharing Plans: (very important to understand the ins/outs)
  • Combination of a Health Sharing Plan with a Private Insurance Plan
  • Direct Primary Care Memberships combined with a High Deductible Plan 
  • Affordable Health Care Plans (also known as Obamacare)



You will only be contacted by ONE LOCAL agent if you ask for a quote, which is not the case with most agencies.  Many companies will bombard you with phone calls, but we never do this.  It is truly a local operation with local advisers. Whether you are trying to compare Medicare Plans, Health Insurance Plans, Health Sharing Plans, Catastrophic Plans, or wanting to learn about Direct Primary Care Memberships, we can help.   We wish we could just email you an instant quote, but we typically need to get some basic information first, so we know which companies to look at for you.  

Senior Solutions



  • Medicare Supplements: 2010 Changes (how these have affected people)
  • Medicare Supplements: 2020 Changes (what to do to prepare-Plan F and Plan C ending new enrollments)
  • Part D Prescription Plans & The Donut Hole

Home Health Care


  • Recover at your home when you become ill or injured
  • Benefits can be paid to you or a provider of your chosing 
  • No medical exams required
  • Coverage can not be cancelled

Dental & Vision


  • No network restricitons
  • Preventative and major dental coverage
  • Eye exam and eye weare coverage
  • Pays above and beyond any other care beyond Medicare

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